Speed camera catches DOG behind the wheel of speeding car driving down road as owner fined by cops | The Sun

COPS had to deliver some ruff justice on a driver who was caught red-handed letting his dog appear to drive the car.

The cheeky pooch had its paw on the steering wheel of a Škoda as it stormed down a busy road in Slovakia on Friday.

The barking mad story came to light when local police posted the incriminating picture on Facebook with the caption: "MR DOG, YOU ARE SPEEDING IN THE VILLAGE."

Appearing to find the funny side, the cops said they "couldn't believe their eyes" as they saw not a person behind the wheel, but Hevano – a large brown dog.

"We ruined the boy's hunting plans and ended his wandering around the tent," they quipped.

However, they said the driver had "some explaining to do".

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According to the driver, 31, the pup allegedly jumped on his lap right before he was caught speeding.

The Škoda was travelling 6.8mph over the speed limit in the village of Šterusy in western Slovakia.

The police were suspicious of his claims and stated the "footage did not record sudden movement in the car".

In the end, the driver was fined “on the spot for violating traffic regulations”.

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Branding the driver "irresponsible", the cops also warned others to keep dogs safe in the car.

"When transporting a dog, take care of the safety of the animal and the entire crew in the car. Even a small animal can endanger your life and health while driving.

"In order not to happen, there are a number of protection systems that animal owners should definitely use."

It comes as British drivers have been warned that speed cameras – boasted to be 100 per cent accurate – could be rolled out across the UK.

The sneaky new high-tech cameras mean that breaking right before a camera will no longer get motorists off the hook.

These stealthy devices have one goal – to fight those who refuse to stick to the speed limit.

And they have been branded a "nightmare for motorists" who will struggle to escape their wrath.

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