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DID you know the room you place your Wi-Fi router in plays a massive part in the strength of your connection?

It may not be your provider or package that's the problem, but whereabouts the box lives in the home instead.

It may be something in the walls, or the objects in that room, that may make it a poor choice for a Wi-Fi hub.

Certain objects, such as metal beams or objects, can be a complete menace to internet signals.

They should be avoided if you want to maintain steady broadband throughout your home.

Here are three of the worst you should not put your router in – if you have the luxury of choice.

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The kitchen is full of metal objects – and Wi-Fi signals don't like metal.

There's the microwave, fridge and oven which are all big electricals that can have an impact.

And if your kitchen is part of an extension – as is common these days – it could be even worse because of the metal beams used.


The cellar is a poor choice to put your router in because of the location itself.

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Being underground makes it hard for the signal to reach your devices.

A central spot is best.

Under the stairs

While not strictly a room, under the stairs is another bad place for your router.

It's closed away making it harder for the signal to spread out.

A good rule of thumb is to test whether you have a line of vision with your router – if you can't actually see it, chances are your connection wouldn't be as good as it could be.

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